Principal Aim :

The 'AIPE Sports Academy' will be housed on the land possessed by Abhiruchi Institute of Physical Education at Gobhali, Chandrapur, Guwahati, Kamrup Metro District.

The campus of the Academy shall consist of academic cum administrative building, hostel, playground, recreation centre etc. It is expected that the campus of the academy could be made ready within first three years of the project .

The administration of the academy will be managed by the Governing Body of Abhiruchi Institute of Physical Education.

The North-Eastern Region including Assam is endowed with a good number of energetic and talented youths. But their talents have died down due to lack of proper care and training. That the North-Eastern Region has sports potentialites is exhibited in the National Games held in Manipur and Assam in recent times. The sports talents hidden in remote areas of the region shall be valuable assets of the country if their exploited proving them proper training and developing skill on different sports events in a scientific way.

A training school/ academy equipped with adequate sports infrastructure shall go a long way in generating a number of talented sportsmen who might excel in international sports arena. The principal aim of the 'AIPE Sports Academy' is to produce a number of sports talents of international standard imparting proper training and developing skill and generating adequate sports infrastructure for the purpose. We may mention that it will be first training school of this kind in the entire North-Eastern Region.

At the initial stage, the sports infrastructure generated by the Government of Assam at Guwahati for holding the National Games in 2007 shall be utilized on rent basis and the concerned authority shall be approached in due time for the purpose.


The Academy shall have the following objectives :-


  1. To explore hidden potentials of different sports categories for ensuring maximum utilization of their potentialities.
  2. To provide opportunity to rural sports talents to get exposed for further nurturing.
  3. To popularise the concept of Physical Education and sports science in the region.
  4. To bring hopes and aspiration to the misguided and frustrated youths of the NE region.
  5. To develop amongst the youths a sense of pride in nationality, patriotism, democracy, sociolism and secularism.
  6. To generate a team of sports talents of international standard on different sports events.